CalcPages Online Calculator Options Help

To show and hide the Calc Pages Options, click the "Options"
button (highlighted in green in the image). They are as follows:

Calc Page Title: The text you specify here is used to set the
browser window's title. It is also displayed in the Text view and
when you print CalcPages. Some browsers also use this as the
default file name when saving the page to your local drive.

Numeric Result Display Decimals: This option determines
the number of decimals to use when displaying calculation results.
You can select options between 0 and 8 or "Float" for floating point.

Trig Angle Mode: Select whether to use Degrees or Radians for
trigonometry functions (sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan).

CalcPage Color Theme: Selects a color palette for the CalcPage.

CalcPage Window Size: You can set the Online Calculator
window size to Default, Mobile, Small, Normal, or Wide. Default
uses the current size of the browser window, while selecting any of
the other options will resize the browser window (if your browser
supports this functionality; Chrome does not).

Row Action Buttons: You can make the row action buttons
Visible or Hidden with this option. This can give you a bit more
screen "real estate" with mobile devices. You can also show or
hide the Row Action Buttons row with the "^" button.

Confirm Save on Exit: Set this option to "Yes" if you would like
the program to prompt you before leaving the online calculator
web page. This will prevent you from losing what you are working
on if you accidentally instruct the browser to go to a different page.
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Tip: Using CalcPages with Mobile Devices

We have recently continued testing and improving the display
and functionality of Calc Pages on mobile devices. It has been
tested on iPhone and Android smartphones, as well as on the
iPad. The recent improvements are encouraging and we will
continue to make the ability to use CalcPages on mobile devices
a top development priority.

In order to provide more testing options on mobile devices the
"Window Width Mode" option has been implemented as follows:

Window Width Mode:
When set to Variable the table expands
to fill the browser window. In Fixed mode the table width remains
constant, even when the browser window is resized.

With recent improvements to the CalcPages program, it looks
like using this option is no longer necessary. It will most likely
be removed in the near future if it is not needed.

Using Full JavaScript Syntax (for advanced users)

To make the general use of Calc Pages easier, especially with
mobile devices, we have made the default calculation mode
for the expressions to be "case insensitive". This means that the
variables "A" and "a" would be equivalent (this is useful because
mobile devices often capitalize the first letter when entering text).

If you need to use "case sensitive" JavaScript functions in your
calculations you can set the "Full JavaScript Syntax" to "Yes".

Full JavaScript Syntax: Leave this option set to "No" unless
you really need the additional JavaScript functionality.

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