Introduction to the CalcPages Online Calculator

A Calc Page is a web page based tool that can be used to perform calculations quickly and easily. It is designed to be very simple to use, but still powerful enough to handle most common calculation needs.

To use a CalcPage just type an expression (like 1+2*3) into an Expression field in the table and the expression will be evaluated and the Result displayed. These expressions follow standard math rules and work similar to what you may be familiar with when using spreadsheet programs. For more complex calculations, the full power of the JavaScript language is available under the hood.

These expressions can optionally be identified by a Name which can then be used in subsequent expressions to combine the previous results into new calculations. By default the table rows are named as “a” to “g” so, for example, if we enter the value 10 for “a” and 7 for “b” we could enter the Expression “a-b” for “c” and the Result would be evaluated as 3 (see image). You can also see from the image that the order of evaluation and the use of parentheses follow standard rules.

At any time you can go back and change any of the previously entered values and all the Results will be recalculated accordingly.

See the Help page on this site for further examples of Expressions and some of the available functions.

This program is free to use provided that you follow the Terms of Use. Please take a moment to read them here.
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