CalcPages Online Calculator Buttons Help

Selecting and Manipulating Table Rows

The CalcPages Row Action Buttons (circled in blue in the image)
allow you to Insert, Add, Append, or Delete rows from the table.
Since the table results are calculated from top to bottom, you
also may want to move rows up or down within the table so
buttons are provided for that too.

Before you can use the Row Action Buttons you must make sure
that you have a "Selected" row. You can select the desired row by
clicking the row's "radio button" (circled in green in the image).
When you set the cursor focus to any field in a row it is automatically
selected, so you don't need to check the "radio button" in that case.

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More Row and Table Manipulation Buttons

The Buttons at the bottom of the Calc Page allow you to Clear a
single row, Clear All the rows in table, or open a New CalcPages
Online Calculator window.

The Save button just displays basic information about Saving a Calc
Page using your browser's "Save As" or "Save Page" functionality.
How saving your Calc Pages works will vary depending on your
browser, so you might just want to experiment with what you are
using to determine your best option.

The Options button shows or hides the CalcPages options. You can
find a more detailed description of the options here.

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Tip: Resizing the Column Widths

If you hover the mouse over the Column Separator lines in the
CalcPages table (highlighted in green in the image), the cursor
will change to a "Resize" cursor (double arrow) and you can drag
them to resize the column widths. This works in both Edit and
Text views. Double clicking when the "Resize" cursor is visible
will reset the column to its default width.

Column widths are also adjusted proportionally when the browser
window is resized.

Forcing a CalcPage Recalculation

The "Result" values for the entire table are normally recalculated
automatically whenever any of the fields in the table changes. If
you would like to force a recalculation, for whatever reason, you
can do so by clicking the "=" button on the bottom right corner,
next to the Copyright notice.
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